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ул. Вертолетчиков, 9/1

Opening times

  • Пн - Вс | 11:00 - 22:00

  • Мужская парикмахерская в  на ул. Вертолетчиков, 9/1

    Welcome to OldBoy

    There are no women here, no chit-chat about nothing, here you will find an atmosphere of brutality and masculine spirit, inspired by European standards of quality and style.

    OldBoy Barbershop – is much more than just men’s barbershop it is even more than a men’s interest club, it is a place where you will find yourself and your style. You can trust us. Men’s haircuts and straight razor shaving is our specialty and we are certain that we shave and cut better than anyone else do. It is not even a point of discussion! As Frank Sinatra used to say “A suit, a hat, a good occupation and a lonely drinking on weekends are a man’s ornament”. We cannot promise that we will make a Carry Grant out of you but you can be sure in three things:

    — You will be offered a cup of coffee of a glass of great bourbon.

    — We will cut and shave you top class.

    — When you leave you will come back guaranteed.

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    We offer you

    professional services from highly qualified masters of our barbershop

    Мужские стрижки OldBoy Барбершоп


    мужская и детская

    Бритье в OldBoy Барбершоп


    классическое и королевское

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    Our partners

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    Цены в OldBoy Барбершоп в  на ул. Вертолетчиков, 9/1>


    Стрижка мужская 1200
    Стрижка детская С 3до 12 лет 800
    Коррекция бороды 800
    Опасное бритье лицо или голова 1000
    Стрижка под машинку Несколько насадок 600
    Друг + Друг 2000
    Папа + Сын 1600
    Стрижка + Коррекция бороды 1600
    Доп. услуги






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