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Королевское бритье в Serbia на Belgrade, Cara Urosha 19

Shaving, worthy of kings

Term «royal shaving» is directly connected with the name of William Truefitt, who opened his first barbershop in London in 1805 and who later became the founder of Truefitt & Hill brand. The place earned a highest reputation among the English aristocracy and was recognized by the monarchs of Great Britain – it was the Truefitt products that received the exclusive privileges of the royal court. At the same time, the foundations of this status procedure were laid.

So what is necessary for shaving to become «royal»?

Firstly, a right straight razor and barber can handle it. Our experienced masters have undergone special training and advanced training in the standards and rules of Truefitt & Hill.

Secondly, men's cosmetics of premium-class from Truefitt & Hill. This is a truly elite means for shaving and skin care. Oils, soaps and balms of the highest quality on the basis of recipes proven for two centuries, and with application of the latest technologies.

Royal shaving is truly a ritual consisting of several stages:

Нанесение масла при бритье в Serbia на Belgrade, Cara Urosha 19


At the very beginning, the barber applies to the skin a shaving preparation of Truefitt & Hill oil that softens the hair, which ensures a comfortable and safe shaving, and subsequently prevents the appearance of ingrown hairs.

The thin film of oil that is left on the skin has hydrophilic properties and allows for smooth sliding of the straight razor blade.

In addition, the active components of the oil (including avocado oil, safflower seeds, coconut and citrus fruits, extracts of cucumber and aloe) improve the skin condition: it soothes the texture and reduces sensitivity due to increased moistening of epidermal cells. The feeling of tightness of dry skin disappears. Truefitt & Hill oil has disinfecting and antioxidant properties.

Steaming out the skin with a towel while shaving in Serbia on Belgrade, Cara Urosha 19


In a special steam cabinet warm Turkish towels await their hour. Perfectly selected temperature and humidity will not cause your skin burns or discomfort, but will prepare a beard for shaving.

The skin becomes clear and the pores open up. Infused blood lifts the hairs that become softer and more straight under the hot compress, so that the subsequent shaving will be cleaner and safer. The steaming significantly reduces the level of irritation and the number of micro cuts.

Two towels are used in the work: after a while barber replaces the cooling compress with a new one.

Foam application during shaving in Serbia on Belgrade, Cara Urosha 19


At the next stage, the master uses freshly prepared foam, obtained from a special soap based on natural ingredients of the highest quality.

In order to whip the foam and apply it on your face, a special bowl and wax from the unique Silvertip class badger wool is used. Its tender hairs, collected from a small area in the neck of the animal, perfectly retain moisture and create a foam of the necessary consistency.

Barber covers the shaved skin with warm foam.

Shaving with a straight razor in Serbia on Belgrade, Cara Urosha 19


Now we can proceed to the most critical part of the entire procedure. Shaving with a straight razor requires a lot of experience, and we are proud that our specialists have reached a true mastery in this field. Barber tightens the skin where it is needed and with the precise effort that is required on every part of the face. The maximum sharpness blade of a razor, submitting to the jeweled movements of the master's hand, slides over the skin at a necessary angle, smoothly and completely cutting off the hairs.

All tools necessarily undergo thorough processing and disinfection, and the blades themselves are non-reusable.

Cold compress during shaving with a straight razor in Serbia on Belgrade, Cara Urosha 19


After shaving, the skin should be properly soothed. In order to do this, barber puts a cold compress on the face, which tightens the pores and relieves irritation. After some time master removes the cooled towel and removes the remaining foam.

Aftershave application in Serbia on Belgrade, Cara Urosha 19


After removing the cooling compress, barber applies a special balm from Truefitt & Hill on the basis of the therapeutic extract of aloe and allantoin to the shaved areas with light massaging movements, which increases the regeneration of skin cells.

Cologne application in Serbia on Belgrade, Cara Urosha 19


The final touch in the royal shaving procedure is cologne. It deserves a separate mention. The exclusive fragrances from Truefitt & Hill are a vivid example of elegant manliness. Perfectly selected notes and the highest quality components make the colognes of this British brand a real decoration for your updated image.

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