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Мужские прически в Serbia на Belgrade, Cara Urosha 19


Elegance is not only lightness, and not only freedom from any restrictions or embarrassment. It is an intricate refinement of every detail and gloss filled with inspiration.

Hairstyles for men have a great variety. Everyone can reflect their way of life and character if he chooses the right haircut because the haircut is one of the key details of everyday image, along with a fitted costume, quality footwear and fragrance of perfume. People around you always pay attention to your haircut – when they look at you, they first see your face, and how it is accentuated, so it is important to give the haircut enough time and attention.

In today’s world, the fashion industry regularly offers us fresh trends. Perennial stereotypes that are associated with fashion and style are being erased. Men prefer hair coloring and unconventional haircuts. A stylish man with a neat quality haircut always looks modern, confident and representative.

Nowadays color, hairstyle or accessories are not as important as hair itself its health and well-groomed kind, therefore it is necessary to get a haircut from the professional in his area. We are very good at this since men's haircuts and shaving is our specialization and the works of our masters are appreciated by everyone who comes to OldBoy.

When visiting the OldBoy barbershop, you can choose the constituent elements of the hairstyle that you like yourself. If you want to understand what kind of haircut you need in advance we have your back. To make it easier for you to choose and determine the desired haircut style, OldBoy offers some of the classic men's haircuts that we will gladly make for you!

Мужская стрижка кроп (crop) в Serbia на Belgrade, Cara Urosha 19


In terms of men’s haircut in 2017 the main trend would be a crop haircut. A feature of this haircut is the torn texture of the strands. Crop consists of hair, short-cropped at the back and sides, and a little longer at the top - the strands are combed forward or laid aside, depending on the length. It is simple to take care of, a universal haircut that fits men of any age, but looks especially good on slender young men with symmetrical and chiseled features.

Like a white T-shirt and a black leather jacket are considered a classics of men's clothing, also crop is one of the most timeless and adaptive haircuts. Unlike many other haircuts, such as undercard or pompadour, the French crop can be adapted to any shape of the face, and is aesthetically well matched with virtually any style in clothing. Not surprisingly, celebrities often give it their preference.

Мужская стрижка экзекьютив (executive) в Serbia на Belgrade, Cara Urosha 19


Executive means that you are a boss. It is a classic English haircut the main accent of which is a pronounced parting on the side. It is emphasized by a lightly shaven strip with a clipper with a thin nozzle. The area of the temples is cut short, and the upper part of the hair and bang is given a volumetric styling with the use of special fixing means: wax or gel, - to emphasize the classical contour.

The executive is suitable for both short and long hair. Such a haircut will suit those who always wear a hairstyle on one side. Thus, if you are a fan of the classic retro, and are looking for a hairstyle that is relevant at all times, then the executive is just for you.

Мужская стрижка андеркат (undercut) в Serbia на Belgrade, Cara Urosha 19


Men’s haircut undercut got its name from a pronounced transition from long hair to short. This hairstyle provides a contrast between the long hair on the parietal region and the shaved temples and the back of the head. The long bangs are laid back or sideways with the help of hair care products, covering the upper part of the head.

The undercutting was created in the 1920s, nearly a century ago, and stood the test of time. Today many representatives of the sterner sex prefer this haircut. An undercard can often be seen on the covers of fashion magazines, because, depending on the chosen style of clothing, it can look elegant and strict, or creative and even extravagant.

Мужская стрижка фэйд (fade) в Serbia на Belgrade, Cara Urosha 19


Fade – is a haircut technique with a smooth transition from the basic length of the hair at the top to the scalp. Fade differs from the classical "hedgehog" with different lengths of hair, which decreases as they approach their growth line. The basic principle of this haircut is the effect of gradation from the long hair in the upper part of the head to the short ones below. Thus, the impression of a gradual and inconspicuous transition to the basic tone of the skin on the face or neck is made.

The hair on top is most often combed out with a wax-based product for a plastic but firm fixation. Fade can be successfully combined with other haircuts. Haircut using this technique does not require frequent updates, it looks simple and manly, and besides, it emphasizes the eyes and the forehead of a man.

When choosing this male haircut, it is worth paying attention to the style of clothing that a man wears. Fade is more suitable for the military, athletes and those men who have a very rich rhythm of life, since it does not require special care. Also you should choose this haircut if you are the owner of magnificent curly hair, as fade will save time on their straightening and styling.

Мужская стрижка помпадур (pompadour) в Serbia на Belgrade, Cara Urosha 19


For Pompadour haircut you need to have hair length of at least 10cm at the top part of your head. The hair on the back and sides should be cut, but not too short, the transition between them is smoothed to give the hair a harmonious look. Although the styling is complicated enough, this haircut looks really stylish.

The hairstyle is formed from chaotically arranged or wide formed lush strands. Hair on the back of the head should be carefully combed and as smooth as possible. Thus, you can get a fashionable and impressive image, focusing on spectacular voluminous hair. A special wax will help to fix the hair, and hair care products will give it an effective shine.

And yet, it is very important that the hair style be approached to a specific face oval. With a round face, you can visually extend it by laying your hair high up, and at narrow - to expand, having made a low figured stacking.

Pompadour gives the hair an external density and volume, which is successfully combined with a beard.

Мужская стрижка площадка (flat-top) в Serbia на Belgrade, Cara Urosha 19


Flat-top is a type of short haircut, where the hair on the top of the head is placed vertically and cut to form a flat horizontal area, in fact, this is how the haircut got its name. In general, this haircut can have a slight tilt up or down, the main thing is that it looks exactly cut straight as a ruler. This type of haircut is usually performed using a comb and an electric machine, or at the highest level of skill - with scissors manually.

The site initially gained popularity in the 50s of the twentieth century among athletes and military, but lost it with the advent of new styles of long hair in the late 1960s. In the 80's and early 90's it again became widespread thanks to the films with the participation of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Haircut flat-top will go to men of any age, with any form of face, but with a single caveat - if he does not own a rare hair or bald head. Best of all, if the hair is stiff and straight, then the haircut will look more natural and more successful to keep the shape. However, given the modern range of various hair care products, this nuance is easy to fix.

Мужская стрижка ирокез (mohawk) в Serbia на Belgrade, Cara Urosha 19


Mohawk or Iroquois (also known as mogikan) – is a hairstyle, which is created by shaving the sides of the head, and leaving a strip of long hair in the middle. A recognized classic is the long comb of hair from the forehead to the back of the neck, two to four fingers wide. The maximum permissible length of hair in the shaved part is up to 3 mm.

In recent decades, the Iroquois have become shorter and easier in everyday life, deserving great popularity among athletes, especially among players and fighters of mixed martial arts. Iroquois is the ideal hairstyle for men with an indomitable violent character, who are courageous and self-assured.

Мужская стрижка узел (man-bun) в Serbia на Belgrade, Cara Urosha 19


In Top knot (man bun) shaved temples and nape are combined with long hair on the top of the head, from which a dense bundle is formed over the back of the head. The length of the strands from above should be at least 15 cm. Top knots are often combined with a beard to supplement the brutal manly image.

The process of creating a hairstyle is very simple: the temples and neck are shaved, and on the vertex a tail is made so that the bump is directed bend forward. Since for top knots you need hair length of 15-20 cm (to be able to collect them in a knot), it is important to take into account the splendor of the hair. Such a mane is not easy to put together, having curly voluminous hair, so if you are the owner of curly hair by nature, you should straighten them in advance.

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