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OldBoy Barbershop в

OldBoy Barbershop in

There are no women here, no chit-chat about nothing, here you will find an atmosphere of brutality and masculine spirit, inspired by European standards of quality and style.

OldBoy Barbershop in – is much more than just men’s barbershop it is even more than a men’s interest club, it is a place where you will find yourself and your style. You can trust us.

Men’s haircuts and straight razor shaving in is our specialty and we are certain that we shave and cut better than anyone else do on . It is not even a point of discussion!

As Frank Sinatra used to say:

“A suit, a hat, a good occupation and a lonely drinking on weekends are a man’s ornament”.

We cannot promise that we will make a Carry Grant out of you but you can be sure in three things:

- you will be offered a cup of coffee of a glass of great bourbon,

- we will cut and shave you top class,

- when you leave you will come back guaranteed.

Рабочий процесс в барбершопе в

СOldBoy Barbershop network in

OldBoy Barbershop network was founded in 2014.

Since then we quickly expand and we are not going to stop! In two years OldBoy family has become one of the most massive barbershop franchise in the world but this is not just about popularity growth.

OldBoy rule in

Our main principle is the highest level of everything. Starting from interior elements, finishing with the tools and professionalism of our masters.

We constantly strive to improve and we improve together with our colleagues from Europe and America: all of the most modern know-how always appear first in the barbershops of our network in .

OldBoy Family в

OldBoy Family in

OldBoy in — is a high-class men’s territory where you can rest from your cares, discuss important business with understanding conversation partner, since our clients are stylish rockers and party people, boxers and beginning football players, honest judges and provincial sharpers, deputes and famous musicians, various tramps and cinema and jazz lovers.

They all come to not just make their appearance look good, but also to spend time in a special atmosphere. Since once you step inside OldBoy in the European union in , , you do not just make new friends – you fully become a member of a big family, where people are happy to see you on any occasion, whither you are making a haircut before wedding or just stopping by to have a cup of coffee.

Each of us is proud to be a part of OldBoy as a client or as a master – it doesn’t matter! What matters is that we are a true family and we will always be like that because we are sure that OldBoy will be here 100 and even 200 years later.

Your grandchildren will have their haircuts made by us and you in mashed martins, sitting in your garage, will be proudly telling them how you got your haircut at the time when it all just started.

A great Frank Sinatra will say for us once again:

“In order to have success you have to have friends. But in order to keep bigger success, you have to have more friends”

We are always happy to see new friends and look forward to seeing you!

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